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I am an orange!

24 October, 2011

One of our members Aimee Dunne sent us the wonderful article detailing her thoughts on the business of wedding planning, we hope you like it.

As a wedding planner I come across many wedding blogs; most of which I read for inspiration and to keep up with trends. However, I recently came across The Business of Being Creative blog and while it isn’t filled with pretty pictures of cakes and dresses, it inspires me in a different way. The blog is written by Sean Low and offers practical business advice for those in the business of being creative.

I recently read a post on Competition which I thought was particularly thought provoking and worth sharing. Most of us in the wedding industry are here because we want to be creative, be it wedding planners like myself, to florists, lighting, or stationery companies. This is great, and it is often the main reason we have set up our own businesses, but at the same time we are faced with the challenge that we are running a business and we need to balance this with our passion and love of what we do.

The blog post on Competition talks about how we are faced with looking at our business competitors whilst also maintaining our creativity. There are many other wedding planners out there, and as I’m relatively new to the industry I have to admit I do find myself comparing my business to others; sometimes this is good and sometimes it is nothing but a distraction. I come from a banking background, many years spent studying business and working in the City, and by nature I know I need to understand and learn from my competition. This is particularly true when first setting a business up and learning about the industry and what is ‘typical’ practice and ‘expected’ by clients. However, this article talks about the fact that competition will always be there and if we all strive to be like our competitors, albeit just better than them, then we are losing what makes us individual. I love this and whole heartedly agree. I set my business up out of a passion; I offer something individual that only I can offer, that’s why I called my business by my name!

Of course I need to learn from competition and be aware of the industry and that’s why I love being a member of the UKAWP as we have a Code of Business Practice and planners learn from each other; but I should never forget what makes me individual and that what I’m selling to my clients is what only I offer. Yes, I would like to be an an orange; not another apple among all the other apples!

The 2012 Wedding Industry Awards

20 October, 2011

We are delighted to announce we are part of the judging panel for The Wedding Industry Awards 2012.


There are some fabulous wedding suppliers out there and these awards will give them the chance to prove to potential clients how good they are says Sandy, Membership Director

Why Enter

Regardless of the size of the wedding company everyone will be treated equally in the judging process ensuring these awards are unbiased and fairly judged.

How to Enter

Entries must be received by the 31st October so don’t delay and register now if you haven’t done so already. Once you have entered the awards team will email you confirmation of your entry and your log in details. You then need to log in and create you profile that will be listed in the ‘Find a Supplier’ section of the Awards web site. Finally but not lastly contact all your cleints that were married between 01.01.10 and 31.10.11 and ask them to vote for you.

Judging Process

Each entrant will receive a score between 1 and 10 in each of 6 criteria. Quality of product, value for money, level of service before the wedding, level of service on the day of the wedding, level of service after the wedding and ‘recommendability’. This will give each entrant a total score out of 60 for each vote received. The average score per vote for each entrant is then calculated (If one of the criteria is not applicable to the entrant this will be taken into account).

The average score for each category is then calculated. All entrants scoring below the average score are eliminated from the competition. This process is repeated 3 times. Voter’s comments etc will then be taken into account as the judging panel reduce the remaining entrants to a shortlist for each region based on merit. Reginal winners will automatically go through to the national final. The national final will be judged by the judging panel and category experts where applicable. Interviews of all shortlisted applicants may also take place to help the judging panel build a clear impression of the entrants involved.

And the Winner is….

The winners will be announced at a party on the 18th January 2012 at Cafe de Paris.

Mix and Mingle!

19 October, 2011

Today we want to remind you about our wedding planners Mix and Mingle nights on 19 and 20 October in various stunning locations across the UK.  It’s a perfect opportunity for new and not so new planners to get together at the end of the season, compare notes and tips, let off steam and be the ones hosted at the party for a change! Our UKAWP members always love our social evenings but our events are open to non-members too and also to recent students of UKAWP who may not have launched their business but are on the way.


The evening starts at 6:30pm and finishes by 9:30pm, even if you can only make it for an hour the directors and members would love to see you there. Tickets are £10 for members of UKAWP and £15 for non members. To register please go here

Todays special get it at 61% discount

14 October, 2011

When reading the blog of the wonderful Sasha Souza we came across an article that we think is relevant for not just wedding planners but anyone in the wedding & event industry. At times when competition is fierce it can become tempting to start offering discounts just to get the booking. But, do you ever stop to work out if you will make any money this way? You might have the booking but at what cost to you?

To read the full article visit her blog .