Member Focus – Barefoot Luxury Weddings

February 16, 2017

Today we are delighted to introduce Ash Shane-Hubbard, who runs Barefoot Luxury Weddings in Ibiza. Over to you Ash….

Barefoot Luxury Weddings

How did it all start?
I graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in design. I moved to the south of France and had a very successful career as an international designer and creator of luxury lifestyles for A-list celebrities and international royalty, but reached a point where I was ready for a new challenge. Discretion…service that goes above and beyond…a trained eye for style…these are all shared qualities with creating, designing and planning Barefoot Luxury weddings.

Essentially, I’m someone who’s always made people’s dreams come true.

Do you have a favorite venue?
There are so many incredible venues on Ibiza and Formentera that it’s hard to choose. There’s something very special about a beach wedding, as our name Barefoot Luxury implies, but I have to confess to a secret passion for private villa weddings where I have a blank canvas and can totally transform and stage a flawless event. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist!

How would clients describe you?
Dedicated…thorough…passionate…creative…with an infectious laugh.

Wedding planner/s you admire?
I always admire fellow wedding planners who regard this as a business and career, rather than a hobby. If there’s one person I’d like to single out, it’s Sandy at UKAWP as she’s incredibly knowledgeable and helpful towards all professional wedding planners. She’s our industry fairy godmother!

How do you unwind?

When I get a chance, I love exploring the two islands and building up my little black book of hideaway places and secret romantic spots. I was recently invited to go squid fishing on a llaut, a traditional Balearic fishing boat, which was great fun but am usually to be found out somewhere in the turquoise waters here in a kayak or paddling a board.

What themes are you working on for 2017/18?
Barefoot Luxury wedding venues tend to fall into one of three categories: sunset beach, contemporary luxury villa or romantic Mediterranean countryside. Whatever the setting, our theme is a distinctive Haute Boheme style in keeping with the islands’ relaxed yet exclusive and upmarket vibe.

What trends are you seeing?
We prefer to think of ourselves as setting trends, rather than following them. With my design background, I like to push the boundaries by providing clients with suggestions that are truly unique to them.

What is your signature dish?
Sea food and chicken paella cooked outdoors in a huge pan to share with friends, washed down with a few chilled glasses of my favorite white wine from Formentera, cool tunes from Jordi Ruz on the decks and a fabulous sunset in the background.

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love to design?
As mentioned, I’m fortunate enough to have worked with a number of celebrities and so completely understand the vital need for privacy and discernment. If I can only choose one person who’d be perfect for a luxury Balearic wedding, it would have to be Robbie Williams. Now, that certainly would be some party!

What is your vice?
Shopping. I’m unstoppable. Purely in the interests of the business, I hasten to add! I’m on a never-ending acquisition of decorative antiques, vintage treasures and unique tableware from around the world for an eclectic collection that’s one of the Barefoot Luxury hallmarks.
That, and my island rescue cats.