Member Focus – Unique Wedding & Events

February 27, 2017

Kicking off the week by introducing you to one of our newer Destination Members Tina, who runs Unique Wedding & Events out in Thailand. Over to you Tina…

unique wedding & events

How did it all start?

I guess it all started when I had my own destination wedding in Mauritius 17 years ago. That was 2 years in the planning stage. I have always been involved in some shape or form in events and organising and I moved to Thailand 8 years ago and became an event planner for another company and grew their business. Two years ago, I decided I wanted to offer a more rounded service based purely on the clients’ needs and started Unique Wedding and Events. Being my own company I offer a much more flexible service tailored to the clients wants and needs to bring their dream to reality.

Do you have a favourite venue?

It is so difficult to choose one venue as they are all so different and beautiful.

How would clients describe you?

I have to call on my clients and how they describe me. I have been told consistent with my communication. Always available night and day. Efficient. Exceptional Value for money. Honest. Hardworking, go the extra mile, amazing. It’s better you read the testimonials to see what people think.

Wedding planner/s you admire?

I don’t as a rule have time to follow other planners however I am partial to watching David Tutera.

How do you unwind?

I need to spend more time unwinding but I do try to set aside one day as family day and spend it with my husband and 2 little girls usually on the south of the island relaxing on the beach with great thai food (with my phone close by).

What themes are you working on for 2017/18?

Beautiful colours and shadings of blush and gold and sage green. I have a mix of sizes of weddings from just 2 people to 100 people of all budgets and every single design is different. I am also working on overwater stages for a couple of weddings.

What trends are you seeing?

I am getting more requests for the glass staging that sits on the swimming pool and makes amazing photos especially for villas set in the mountains. It puts the bride and groom in complete focus floating above the pool. Wedding design sees a lot of trends here but I am seeing more ethereal feel, highlighting the features of the location without detracting from the awesome settings. We are using more natural lighting and floaty fabrics to bring the venue to life

What is your signature dish? 

According to my husband it would be slow roasted roast beef with all the homemade trimmings.

Whose celebrity wedding (dead or alive) would you love to design? 

Ellen Degeneres. I am a huge fan of her and it would have been an amazing experience to have designed this.

Is the job as glamorous as you thought?

I think of it as my dream. I live on a beautiful tropical island surrounded by crystal blue seas, palm trees and white sandy beaches coupled with bringing clients’ dreams to life. Seeing their faces when they arrive and see the venue for the first time as around 95% of my clients do not get the opportunity to visit, is amazing. I am not denying it is hard work as well as we are on site from first thing in the morning of each wedding until the last guest leaves and we are clearing down and I often do not get home until the sun comes up the following day this and all done in between 30 and 40 degree heat. Is it worth it? absolutely. I have met so many amazing people, many of which I am still in contact with many years after.

What is your vice?

I have to say blue cheese or French cheese and a very nice glass of Red Wine.