10 Wedding Planning Tasks you can do in Lockdown

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So here we are in lockdown 3, in 2020 you spent the time baking banana loaf and doing online yoga. But this time it’s a little different, why? Because you got engaged over Christmas and you’re determined to use this time efficiently planning your wedding. In fact you want to leave lockdown with a smug outlook knowing you’re on top of your wedding plans.

So what is it you CAN do when in isolation? Quite a lot actually, but no fear we have some practical and fun tasks for you to complete.

  1. Get crafting– if you were planning on any DIY crafting for your wedding. Why now utilise your time in lockdown to do it?
  2. Get Journaling – Start putting all your ideas and vision of your dream wedding down on paper. A wedding planning journal or wedding scrapbook works well for this and you can keep adding to it throughout the days of lockdown as and when you think of things. It’s a lovely keepsake to have forever after your wedding too. Louisa, Louisa May Weddings
  3. Research your suppliers – Investing time into finding the right suppliers will save you time in the long run – I promise! With lockdown the internet is your oyster from vendor reviews to social media to see interaction and personality
  4. Virtual Tours – Just because you cant get out to visit a venue there is no reason you cant experience a virtual tour. Many venues are offering pre recorded tours or live tours via zoom where you can ask questions there and then. All from the comfort of your home. The venue is the most important decision and leaving any shortlisting until after lockdown may mean you miss out on your favourite venue being available. Elsie ,  Events on Wheels
  5. Create your budget – One of the most important, but neglected tasks of wedding planning is creating your budget. So use this time to work on your budget breaking down the spending into categories. If you’re unsure what do watch this facebook live with Elite member Dominique, Stylish Events
  6. Permission to pin – create a wedding board and categorise sub boards within it. Start exploring design elements of your wedding. This helps you build up a picture of what you like which in turn will help your creative team
  7. Choose your readings – start looking at ceremony poems and readings and create a draft order of service, once easy task to tick of your list early
  8. Book a virtual planning session – lots of wedding planners now offer virtual planning hours so if you don’t have a full-service wedding planner, why not utilise one for an hours worth of wedding planning? Can’t afford it? 28 days in lockdown x £5 a day (normally spent on lunch) = £140. This could get you 1-2 hours with a wedding planner,  you’ll walk away with so much knowledge ready to implement on your own
  9. Get Dancing– Consider what will you be dancing to and how? Will it be an upbeat track? A lovely slow romantic one? Or perhaps a combination of the two – a wedding dance mashup. If you are going to do a choreographed wedding dance, then this is the time to get in some practice! Not only will you have fun connecting closely with your loved one, you’re exercising as well! Natasha, Pearline Events
  10. Build Relationships  – Whilst visiting potential venues and face to face meetings with suppliers are not possible right now,  this is no reason to pause on the wedding planning.  Zoom meetings as an interim measure can allow you to collect and establish masses of details without having to leave the comfort of your own home.  Venues are even offering virtual tours so you can really narrow down to just a small shortlist.   If anything, I would imagine that you have time on your hands,  so use this time to establish contacts, build relationships and make a start on your wedding planning journey”. Michelle,  Elegante by Michelle J


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