121 Tuition Testimonial

Last week I had the pleasure of training Katrina via our 121 tuition, this is perfect for future planners who have some experience already. Katrina already organises corporate events around the world and just needed further clarification on setting up a wedding planning business + the difference with weddings. We had a lot of fun and I know she will make a huge success of her business when she launches very soon.

If you think 121 is right for you then email and Bernadette can chat through your options

Hi Bernadette,

Thank you so much for your time on Friday.

I found the one to one tuition covered my 101 questions and more!  I am sure that the advice and information you provided me with will be invaluable over the coming months.  Thank you for giving me the much needed confidence and encouragement I require to get my business off the ground and running.

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