9 Steps to Success

Today we hear from one of our regular guest bloggers, Action Coach Business Coach, Ray Hutchin. Ray wants to share with us a  simple 9 step process to achieving success – sounds good!

To achieve success in life I believe a simple 9 step process will help us all and here it is:-
Dream It
Goal It
Plan It
Task It
Action It
Measure It
Review It
Achieve It
Celebrate It

The first seven steps are all vital in achieving what we want to achieve, I don’t believe any one of them can be missed out (in fact we all go through this process subconsciously, but I believe we achieve far quicker and better results if we do it consciously).
So let us look at each one very quickly (as we could write a whole book on each one):-

Dream It – this is our roadmap, if we want to get anywhere we need to know where we are going and the same is true in life and business. The only thing that can hold us back is our imagination and fear.
Goal It- we need to turn our dream into a smart goal or goals, which gives us some focus and a timeframe.
Plan It – we need to break the dream down into smaller steps (sometimes called milestones) otherwise a goal can seem so daunting that we never get started on it. In fact most business owners actually spend more time planning their annual holiday than they do on planning where they want their business to go.
Task It – This is a very important part of the process and a part that most people never do, this is where the plan is broken down into tasks, when this is done all you have to do is then carry out the tasks to achieve your goal. Easier said than done though in most cases.

Action It- this is where a default diary comes into its own, allocate time to do the tasks and ensure they get done and you are a step closer to success.
Action It – This is about sticking to the plan and carrying out the tasks as scheduled and not letting anything distract you – because if no actions are taken then nothing will happen.

Measure It – You must measure the results you get from the tasks, I have seen far too many business owners make assumptions about the results they have got, only to find out when they have been measured that they have been way out.

Review It – One of the hardest steps to do, taking time out to reflect and think about the progress and what has worked and what hasn’t, so that changes can be made and if necessary go back to a high step in the process and make adjustments to the plan.
Achieve It – if all the above is followed and you persevere and the goals were SMART you should achieve your Dream over time
Celebrate It – once achieved celebrate – enjoy the feeling of achievement, so amongst other things, it helps to motivate you to achieve your next dream.

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