A beginners guide to WPE


If you use social media and in particular twitter I’m sure you have begun to recognise the increased discussion about WPE and who is attending next year. But what exactly is WPE? Why the hype? Is this an event you should be attending? We thought you might benefit from a beginners guide to WPE to help formulate your opinion.

What is WPE?

WPE ‘Wedding Planning Excellence’ was first established in 2009 and in essence is a training seminar for wedding planners. From visiting websites of our US counterparts we began to get a little envious of the number of specialised seminars open to wedding planners throughout the year. As our industry has grown we felt it was about time the UK followed suit and had an event just for ‘wedding planners’ i.e not filled with suppliers wanting to sell to you! The directors of the UKAWP along with our members devised a specialised programme designed to inspire and educate you with your business.


I’m already trading so why do I need more training?

Most importantly this isn’t a training course, it’s a seminar. There are 2 days of intelligent, inspirational speakers for you to learn from. Think about it, if you do the same in 2011 that you did in 2010 then your results will be the same, but expand your knowledge and think outside the box, and the world is your oyster. If you are ready and willing to push your business further ensuring increased profitability then take the plunge and commit to the WPE. Sometimes we spend all our time working IN the business, i.e. planning weddings that we don’t spend time working ON the business and this is what WPE helps you focus on.

So when is it?

As in previous years WPE is held over 2 days Friday 4th – Saturday 5th March 2011, this time after listening to feedback you have the option of attending just 1 day if you are unable to make the full session. We have chosen a central London venue, the Radisson Kenilworth Hotel on Great Russell Street, WC2 3BL. There will be a Friday night dinner which again is optional, more details to be published on the dinner in the New Year.

How much?

The investment we ask from you for the 2 days + dinner is minimal compared to similar events in the US who charge $2,200! The prices will go up after the 22nd December so we advise you book early  to make your pennies stretch even further.

Early bird UKAWP member rate – for one day £150, for both days £290 / Early bird non member rate – for one day – £160, for both days £310 / Dinner is £40


Who is Speaking?

We have a range of business and industry experts, do visit our website for full schedule information  topics inc:

The Mindset of The Successful Business Owner

Wedding Planning 1996 – 2011

How best to work with Entertainment Agents

Insurances in the wedding world

Legal issues in wedding planning

Logistics involved with marquee events

Marketing & Branding your business

The Sales Process

Search Engine Optimisation

Lighting & Sound for weddings

The role of Wedding Blogs

Choosing a wedding cake design for your clients

To review the schedule go to


How can I get the most from it?

In order to ensure you get the most from the seminar here are our top tips.

  • Attend both days to benefit from full range of speakers
  • Introduce yourself to the speakers during the networking opportunities and ask advice if applicable
  • Try to network with all attendees, don’t be shy, you could be making some good friends for the future
  • Don’t forget your business cards, you never know when you’ll need them
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions at the end of each presentation
  • Attend the dinner as this is when attendees unwind and the topic of discussion can get interesting and bizarre!

So what do our past attendees think?

It was good to have time to focus without other external factors –

Very inspirational. Very helpful being able to ask planners for tips and advice –

Some excellent speakers and have learnt some useful tips –

So much to do can’t wait to get stuck in. –

Felt expensive at first, but after event can see it was worth every


We hope this guide has helped you but any questions about WPE don’t hesitate to email or

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