A fantastic bunch of students

Recently I taught 11 students on our Business Practicalities course in Ipswich. It was a really good group of students with some amazing experience under their belts already. They asked some very interesting and thought provoking questions over the 2 days and I feel very confident once they launch they will be an asset to the industry. In fact on the Sunday I was so impressed with the quality of work the students were producing that I decided to share one of the editorial pieces with you by Kirstie Findlay. Happy reading.

Are you having a SIZZLING summer wedding??

 Most brides seem to prefer getting married between the months of May and August. Why is this?? We can’t guarantee the weather in this country these days. I’ve been caught in a rain storm in the middle of July but went to an amazing sunny wedding in December in the Lake District. Don’t get me wrong I do love a summer wedding and there are lots of up sides to this but I urge you to consider the winter months as well. Let me sent the scene for you….Imagine arriving at a Christmas card scene at a tiny country church with snow laden trees sparkling in the winter sunshine. Your bridesmaids wearing burgundy dresses with soft fur wraps. A feast of tasty winter warmers and hot mulled wine at your wedding breakfast. There are lots of practical pros for winter weddings as well, such as the cost of venues and suppliers. There are often heavy discounts for weddings “out of season” and suppliers have more time to spend on your every need as they don’t have as many other clients at this time of year. So don’t let the rain put you off, there are loads of beautiful wedding umbrellas, bridal boots and amazing indoor venues to choose from.

December weddings can have that magical Christmas wow factor so don’t rule it out!!

 By Kirstie Findlay


New wedding planners at UKAWP training course

New wedding planners at UKAWP training course

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