A New Career as a Wedding Planner

As autumn has settled in, are you beginning to think about a career change? Being a wedding planner is definitely a job many aspire to, but how can you make that jump into weddings?

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We hold small classroom weekend courses, ideal for those that are still in fulltime employment elsewhere. Over the years we have trained a variety of people from solicitors and bankers, to teachers and nurses. Regardless of background or previous careers they have all had one aim in mind, to retrain to become a professional wedding planner.

The huge advantage with training with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners is the fact we are long term professional planners, we can tell you the reality of the job as opposed to a glamorous PR spin. Feedback from past students always highlight how advantageous students find the tutors knowledge.

Caroline Gould testimonialOur students are all at different stages of their path into wedding planning, some have spent hours researching the industry with a business launch imminent, whereas others are at the start of their journey and plan to launch in a year or 2. We don’t mind what stage you are at. We love helping you on the journey and answering your questions in our highly interactive weekend courses. We have two courses as well as various workshops throughout the year.

Business Practicalities

This course is aimed at those wishing to start their own business. Primarily your research and marketing before moving onto the type of services you wish to offer and how to decide what to charge. We take you through the importance of branding for a small business and how you need to think about this in everything you do. We even go through formulas to use within your business to make sure you aim for profit in every booking you take., which is an eye opener for sure! One element that is always popular is the mock consultations we undertake with the students, this gives students the chance to understand how important it is to ask the right questions in a consultation. And finally we go through how to produce your proposal.

Step by Step

The second course we run is “Step by Step”, so assuming you’ve been hired what do you do next? How do you manage their budget? How would you source a venue or supplier and how would you negotiate with them? What elements are important when researching into suppliers and what questions do you need to ask? We go through the most popular ceremony types in the UK and explain the legalities and running order for each type. We then take you through the day itself guiding you through the ceremony, drink reception, wedding breakfast and evening reception.

Why interactive courses?

We believe the most successful way to learn a new skill is by interacting with like-minded individuals which is why we only run classroom based training.  We pride ourselves on our honesty and immense enthusiasm at wanting you to succeed. We want you to enter this vibrant industry with the knowledge necessary to be successful. We dispel some of the common myths that new planners make when launching their business and hopefully stop you spending thousands of pounds on unnecessary marketing. We encourage to ask questions throughout the weekend ensuring you are learning as much as you possibly can

Insider Knowledge

To understand a little more about the reality of wedding planning why not read our advice in Marie Claire “10 Things you never knew about Wedding Planners

Next Dates?

To see the list of available dates and to download our brochure please visit our training page

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