A new venture for The UKAWP – Wedding Venue Excellence

We are really excited to introduce a new branch of The Alliance this month.

 For some time now we have been receiving enquiries from wedding venues – sometimes brand new start-ups and sometimes more established properties – looking for advice, support or training to help them gain a presence in the industry and in turn, more wedding bookings.  Since we are already committed to promoting professionalism amongst planners, it seemed a natural step to respond to these enquiries by offering a consultancy service designed to help wedding venues bring their marketing, sales and planning techniques in line with current market trends.



 Wedding Venue Excellence’, so named to work alongside WPE, will be headed up by one of our members, Isabel Smith, whose hotel background places her well to bridge the gap between the specific revenue structures and office politics within wedding venues and The Alliance’s (hopefully ever increasing) industry clout, marketing know-how and planning expertise.

 We have made some fantastic progress so far with the website going live and our first client having been thrilled with the week-long marketing training they received in January.  Now of course we look forward to promoting the new services through the press and social media.  So if you know of any venue who has expressed any interest in training their team or wanting to step up their wedding marketing, please think of Wedding Venue Excellence’!

If you’d like to track what’s happening with this venture you can follow us on our dedicated twitter account @VenueExcellence




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