Associate Membership

We are often asked why new planning businesses should apply for membership, or Associate membership as we call the first step.

Well, the answer may occasionally be you shouldn’t – if you don’t plan to adhere to our Code Of Business Practice for example – but in most cases new planners are keen to be associated with an organisation with a great reputation in the industry, whose website listings often generate the majority of their members’ business opportunities.

You don’t have to have trained with us to become an Associate member …. we are well aware that some courses, other than our own, are very sound, and for this reason we welcome those who have successfully completed them.

Sandy, Membership Director, explains ‘I often get new planners calling or emailing who feel that they will never get their first booking if they are listed alongside more established planners ….. this is understandable, but in fact we have learned over the years that people buy people and will meet the planners in their location and make a decision based on ‘likeability’ and trust rather than necessarily always experience’.

If you are a new planner and have a host of questions about the UKAWP, you are not alone. Please contact to ask those questions – she’s a real person, a real planner, and will make every effort to help you make your decision.




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