Be Date Savvy

As planners we know all about diary planning and avoiding or deliberating choosing weddings on bank holidays, Easter holidays and the like. However there is a big event in for 2010 and some of us planners might be blissfully unaware if football isn’t our thing.

11th June to 11th  July 2010 sees the World Cup Finals take place in South Africa and for many a potential wedding guest this might cause a few problems for the summer’s weddings. So if you’re planning any weddings during that month and, in particular when England are scheduled to play, then you  may have to consider providing a discreet TV for essential viewing!

Most matches are likely to kick-off around 7.30pm so hopefully shouldn’t cause any disruption during ceremonies but might be a factor for later in the evening. Be sure to check the official Fifa World Cup site for schedules and check dates when England would be playing if they get through to subsequent rounds also; now that would be amazing! And even if your bride and groom aren’t football fans, you can guarantee that a large proportion of their guests won’t feel that way and when World Cup fever takes hold it converts even the greatest cynic!

Thanks to  Jackson Gilmour for pointing this out in their communications and alerting us to this fact!


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  1. Always Andri on 26th October 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Ah to have been blissfully unaware of the World Cup next year! No such luck for me as my hubbie loves his footie.

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