Behind every great planner is a great team

When we run our training courses we try to emphasise with students how important it is to vet our suppliers and build a great team to work with. After all, it doesn’t matter how good you are as a planner, it the suppliers aren’t as good as they should be the end result could be disastrous. I was working at a wedding recently when I took a moment to reflect, the majority of the suppliers there were ones I have worked with on numerous occasions over the last 7 years. In fact I realised the caterers, photographer, florist, marquee, band, entertainment and some of the transport had been booked by me before in the past. It meant we worked incredibly well as a team, we knew what each person was thinking and expecting. Not only is this good for the bride and groom, far better for their suppliers to work together instead of against each other but it also means if you need help with a query there is always someone to help. For example at another event in April there were not enough power extension & converters, I was able to contact the marquee company and collect some of theirs to use free of charge. Problem solved quickly and efficiently. I also remember last year when a cake collapsed, with the florist we were able to disguise the disaster with well placed flowers so the bride never knew what happened.

I do think it’s important to never take a supplier for granted, I send feedback questionnaires to every supplier after an event to see if there was anything I could do better next time. I offer a referral scheme to suppliers and constantly let them know they are appreciated, after all I know that without my team I am nobody. Do you have a good team behind you?

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