The Benefits of Membership for Destination Planner Members


Directory Listing

Most members consider their listing in our directory to be the biggest benefit. We work hard to drive traffic there, where couples can then view UKAWP members in the country they wish to marry in and their work before choosing who to contact.

Blog Opportunities

New destination members are launched to our blog subscribers by means of a ‘member focus’ post.

Thereafter members are encouraged to send us showcase weddings and expert advice posts for the blog.

It’s great when destination members write about getting married in their market and the differences between, and opportunities in, that country as opposed to the UK.


Members’ own blogs are listed on our blogroll.

Private Facebook Group

New destination members are invited to join a private Facebook group in which they can ask for help, gain free training via Facebook Live Events and have a bit of a rant in a safe environment if that’s what they need (and sometimes we all need that!)

This group is highly active with UK and destination members passing referrals they cannot fulfil themselves, advising fellow members of scams and generally helping one another out. It’s a space we as Directors love to spend time.

Discounted prices for Training and Events

Aside from our Annual Member Meeting all our training and events are open to members and non members. Many are free of charge, but for those which we charge there is always a discounted rate for members.

We appreciate that Destination Members may not often be in the UK but we love to see them whenever they are.


We send regular member newsletters with advice, support and information which are very well received by the membership.

Media Opportunities

The UKAWP is the first port of call for much of the media when it comes to ‘all things wedding’. Unless the request is specifically for the industry body we roll it out to the membership, giving you the chance to build your own press relationships and gain PR coverage.


One of the softer, yet very important, benefits is the wonderful collaborative spirit amongst the membership. It’s fabulous to have a group of people who understand the stresses and issues which form part of the job.

Legal Advice

Each member has access to 30 minutes of free legal advice, should you require it, from our lawyers.

Annual Member Meeting

This is held each year in May in London. Aside from being an opportunity to get together and catch up, our AMM is when members get to help form strategy and contribute to decisions about where to spend our marketing budget.

Destination members are able to contribute even if they cannot attend.

Member Get Member Scheme

Our MGM scheme gives members a discount on their annual subs for each member they successfully recruit. This can result in huge reductions.

UKAWP Member Discounts

From time to time companies offer discounts for all our members. We let you know as and when a new offer becomes available.

‘When we launched our current membership strategy, as Membership Director I made some assumptions about which benefits would be of most importance to our members’ says Sandy, ‘However, in talking to, and conducting surveys amongst, members we soon discovered that what one member values most can vary from what another deems important. For example for some a boost from business advice and nuggets of information in our newsletters is great, whereas for others access to one another in our safe Facebook group hits the spot.

We love to see our members interacting and the amazing camaraderie amongst our community.’

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