Blogging Etiquette

We have seen an influx recently from wedding planners in the UK launching their blogs. This is fantastic but still very new to the UK market . One of our members (Zoe Lingard) has been writing her wonderful blog since Spring 2008, so is an expert on  ‘Blog Etiquette’. Thank you Zoe  for this insightful post.

The last few months have seen a proliferation of new blogs from wedding planners. It’s great to hear the personal voice of so many planners and to see wedding planners gain an audience in the wider media. However, if you are a blogger are you familiar with the etiquette that surrounds blogging?  

One important part of this is crediting the original sources of ideas, pictures and content. So, if you post content that has been brought to your attention via another source e.g. another blog, you should credit the original source using hyperlinks to the appropriate website. For example “I saw this great idea over on Beautiful Bride’s Blog“, here you should hyperlink both to the original post (usually on the word ‘this’) and also to the home page of the source blog (when you name the blog).

In the same way, if you use photographic material you should where possible, credit the photographer and if necessary the original source of the picture. Finally, if you have find content on a blog because it was featured on another blog you should credit both blogs, this time by writing something along the lines of “I saw this great idea over on Beautiful Bride’s Blog via Pink Bride’s Blog” again hyperlinking at the appropriate points.

Although this can make the wonderful world of blogging a little more cumbersome and time consuming it’s important that in a creative industry we credit those who come up with the original idea or content. Happy blogging!

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