Business Mentoring for Wedding Planners

Directors of the UKAWP

The UKAWP fully appreciate how important it is to keep learning in order to be the best possible wedding planner. It is for this reason that we offer a support service for past students to give them more personalised, one to one support for their business growth. Each planner is different and the way we mentor them varies in each case, it might be more business focussed with advising them on a marketing plan, or it could be wedding specific with guidance on complex weddings like marquees. There are 2 ways we can help wedding planners with the further guidance.

Years Mentoring – £500

The UKAWP year Mentoring Scheme gets excellent feedback from those who have been a part of it.

It is available to anyone who has completed one of our courses and all members. This way we know that you have covered the basics and we will not simply repeat the course.

The service costs £500 for the year, however we offer a 10% discount to those signing up within 6 months of attending either the Business Practicalities or Step By Step training course.

You will be allocated one of the Directors or Regional Ambassadors as your Mentor for a year, during which you will have three face to face meetings of up to two hours, tailored specifically to your Company and your individual needs, along with reasonable  email and telephone support throughout the year.

Business Hotline – £60

We appreciate that not everyone will require our full annual mentoring service which is why we launched this ‘business support hotline’ which is chargeable at £60 per hour. This will entitle you to spend time by phone/email obtaining the advice of one of the directors, or highly experienced members, on any areas of concern.

This service is available to those who have completed the UKAWP Business Practicalities or Step by Step training courses and to all UKAWP members.

You do not need to be a UKAWP Member to take advantage of these service(s) and you may begin before or after launch.

If you have any queries about the Mentoring Scheme please contact Bernadette Chapman at or on 01376 561544.

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