Business Support Hotline

Business Support Hotline @ £60 per hour

At this time of year many planners are starting to work on things they’ve not had to before: a new type of venue, a marquee reception, an outdoor ceremony, a supplier type they don’t know how to source confidently, to name but a few.

We appreciate that not everyone will require our full annual mentoring service which is why we launched this ‘business support hotline’ which is chargeable at £60 per hour. This will entitle you to spend time by phone/email obtaining the advice of one of the directors, or highly experienced members, on any areas of concern.

This service is available to those who have completed the UKAWP Business Practicalities or Step by Step training courses and to all UKAWP members.

If you are interested in booking an hour’s session, please contact Bernadette at or on 01376 561544.

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