Can I join the UKAWP as a new wedding planner?


Are you a new wedding planner who desperately needs some support in their business? You may have heard of the UKAWP but assume its for experienced planners only? But the truth is we have different levels of membership according to the skill level of the member.

When we launched the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners in 2004 our purpose was to:

  • EDUCATE those wishing to become a wedding planner
  • SUPPORT wedding planners with launching AND growing their business
  • PROMOTE wedding planners, new and experienced so they can get clients

Must I have planned weddings in order to join the UKAWP?

The simple answer is NO, the slightly longer answer is no, BUT we do need reassurance on your dedication and willingness to learn before accepting you. So if YOU are an integrity led UK wedding planner, and believe in community over competition, you will LOVE being part of our wedding planner family.

We have always been committed to being the industry body not only for established planners, but equally for those starting out, or moving from in house wedding or events management to being independent. Which is why our entry level into the UKAWP is that of an associate member.

What are the entry requirements?

The main concern for us as a membership and industry body is ensuring the standards of our members is high, we have spent many years building up the profiles of “Wedding Planning” as a recognised career in the wedding industry, thus it is important standards are met. We pride ourselves on NOT being a pay to be listed organisation. What that means in reality is that every time we open doors to membership, we are turning businesses away.

So although we welcome our new planners with massive huge arms we do ask for ONE of the following requirements to be met:

  1. Completed either one of our courses (Business of Wedding Planning and/ or Step by Step), OR another *pre approved course.
  2. Have been in a full time wedding or event management role (references required) for at least 2 years and are now transferring to independent wedding planning.
  3. Completed 1:1 coaching with Bernadette Chapman
Why don’t you accept the course I did?

The truth is in recently years there are many wedding planner courses available now, most for a fraction of the cost of the pre approved courses. But, when I have checked these courses there are many glaring issues which is why they are not acceptable.

  • You are never told who the author is meaning often it is a someone who has NO knowledge of wedding planning themselves. The result is cobbled together content that is irrelevant or out of date.
  • It is not UK focussed so much of what is taught is incorrect
  • You get what you pay for, watch my video where I lift the lid on cheap courses. Many of which are available for just £12
  • Do your research, who have the top planners trained with?
Is there any difference in price for associate members?

No, for the simple reason you receive exactly the same benefits as all other members. This ensures it is fair to all members plus makes it easier for us!

How can I join?

Read our membership page for full details please ensure your name is on our waitlist for early entry and joining bonuses.

For more information about applying for membership, the benefits, the costs or any niggling questions you may have, please visit this page or book a call to ask Bernadette directly.


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