Choosing your wedding date | How to decide on a wedding date

cancelling your wedding due to coronavirus

If you are newly engaged then one of your first decisions will be, when to get married. We have no doubt that every time you show off your shiny ring you are asked the inevitable, “so whens the wedding?”. Choosing that perfect wedding date can be tricky especially when family get involved. So here are…

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Weddings in a heatwave, how to cope with the heat

I’m sure our colleagues in Australia and the Caribbean will laugh at this article. But let me tell you, us Brits are just not designed to cope with the heat. So how do we manage with weddings in a heatwave? Many wedding venues will not even have air conditioning so just what can we do…

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Wedding Trends 2021

Micro Ceremony in 2020 photo by Fiona Kelly

With COVID putting a stop to weddings as we know it, couples used the time to reflect on what they truly want from their wedding. From discussing this with our wedding planners and wedding suppliers, it would appear couples are concentrating on the “marriage” itself and celebrating with guests to show they care for them.…

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Why consider a micro wedding , and how to make it beautiful

pub wedding in essex by wedding planner one oake

Never in my 18 years of being in the wedding industry could I have predicted a year with so few weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic. After a few months of complete lockdown we are beginning to slowly see weddings commence again. Namely the micro wedding of up to *30 guests to fit in with…

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Planning an intimate, micro or elopement wedding

Micro church wedding by Emily Andrews. Photographer Benjamin Mathers.

Are you organising a scaled down wedding following coronavirus? Or perhaps this was your plan all along? Many of our members are seeing an increase in elopements , micro weddings and intimate weddings for 2021. I suspect you know what an elopement is, but what about intimate weddings and micro weddings? Like most things, the…

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Getting Married in Warwickshire

Are you thinking of getting married in Warwickshire? If so, you are in the right place! This guide by UKAWP Wedding Planner members Nicole & Charlotte Events will help kick start your planning. Beautiful Warwickshire is known as ‘the heart of England’ thanks to its central position. It’s both the birthplace of rugby football, and…

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Do I need a Female Wedding Toastmaster?

We feel very proud to have 2 female toastmasters (or toastmistress) as part of our community here at the UKAWP. In this article both give their advice on how to choose a toastmaster and what the benefits are on hiring one for your wedding. Sonal Dave – Asian toastmaster and wedding celebrant Sian Belton – Toastmaster…

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The ultimate guide to choosing your wedding photographer

In our opinion choosing the right wedding photographer is so important, they capture the day and provide ever lasting memories. But how do you choose the right one for you? There after all hundreds to choose from that it can seem mind boggling knowing who to select.   Along with our members we have put…

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How much do wedding planners cost?

Following on from our article on “what is it a wedding planner does” I thought it would be helpful to explain how is it wedding planners charge, just how much are wedding planners? By reading both these blog posts and/or viewing the videos on our Facebook page you will have a little bit of knowledge before…

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You're engaged!! What next? 10 Tips to get you started

Congratulations on your engagement. You’re on cloud 9, you’ve retold the proposal story a hundred times and you and your future spouse can’t stop talking about the future and your ‘big day’. But just how do you plan a wedding, and where should you begin? Dream Big Yes, you have permission to start dreaming about…

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