The Business of Wedding Planning

Do you want to launch a profitable and successful wedding planning business? If so I would love to support you on your new career path through our flagship course “The Business of Wedding Planning“, because we are all about choice we can offer this both in person and online. We are all different and the…

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Start a new career as a wedding planner

training for wedding planners

Are you approaching the end of the year determined to make 2020 different? Have you decided that 2020 is the year you will take that first step into training as a wedding planner? If so I would love to help guide you. Since I launched the UKAWP in 2004 I have trained 600+ wedding planners,…

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How to start a wedding planning business


Have you been debating a new career as a wedding planner? If so you no doubt have lots of questions about how to start your wedding planning business. We receive many emails and phone calls with questions about how to select the right course and are always happy to answer them. We thought producing this FAQ…

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UKAWP Wedding Design online course

We are delighted to bring you a new online styling course designed for wedding planners. Students have been asking me about this for many years so I’m thrilled it is here at last.  Business Practicalities teaches you how to set your business up, Step by Step teaches you how to plan a wedding step by…

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Choosing the right wedding business coach or trainer

My WHY has always been about empowering others to build a thriving wedding business with honesty and integrity at my very core. In fact integrity plays a huge part of both my businesses. On Tuesday I hosted my first Mastermind Day for business owners in the wedding industry. Those attending included wedding planners, venue stylists,…

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Wedding Planner Training: Learn how to plan a wedding

wedding planner course

If you have recently launched as a wedding planner, or indeed wish to launch in the near future, you may find yourself unsure of where to find that all so important key information for your clients wedding. My Step by Step course is increasingly popular with students as it teaches you how to plan a wedding from…

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Wedding Planner Training: Business Practicalities Online


I’m delighted to bring to you for a limited time, wedding planner training Business Practicalities online. This is my flagship course and I have trained hundreds of wedding planners since 2004 using variations of this course. Why do I say variations? Well because I consistently update it so it is fresh and new each time.  And this version is so new it…

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Destination Wedding Planning Workshop

elisabetta white

Are you thinking of becoming a destination wedding planner, but you don’t know where to start, or how to go about planning a destination wedding? Our Destination Wedding Planning workshop is the perfect place to kick start your new venture. Who is this workshop for? This workshop for new or aspiring destination wedding planners, including…

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What is a wedding industry coach?

wedding industry coaching

If you have been in business for a few years, you may wonder what on earth all this fuss about business coaches is? Although it might feel like a new industry I have been using business coaches since 2009. I guess the difference is – you had to go searching for a coach whereas social…

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