Unexpected Costs of a Wedding

Creating and sticking to your wedding budget can be incredibly hard, how can you possibly anticipate the costs associated with a wedding? Creating a budget from the outset is so important as this helps you when you commence your wedding planning. After all you can’t book a venue without knowing you have the funds to…

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Weddings in a heatwave, how to cope with the heat

I’m sure our colleagues in Australia and the Caribbean will laugh at this article. But let me tell you, us Brits are just not designed to cope with the heat. So how do we manage with weddings in a heatwave? Many wedding venues will not even have air conditioning so just what can we do…

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UK Weddings Update June 2021

Message from our founder Following Boris Johnson speech on the 14th June we now have some updates for weddings post 21st June. The roadmap has been paused for 4 weeks but special allowances have been given the wedding industry.  Lets be honest, considering restaurants and pubs are open, football events are hosting thousands of spectators…

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How to Entertain Guests with No Dancing Allowed


As of 21st June, dancing is still sadly not permitted at wedding receptions. But that doesn’t mean weddings can’t still be fun. In fact perhaps this is the chance to think up alternative solutions to entertain your guests. Here are 9 ideas to get you started. 1. Lets start laughing again What about having a…

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From finding the perfect venue to managing your guest list, planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job, which is why we always recommend hiring a planner when budget allows. A professional planner is responsible for more than making sure your day runs smoothly. Think of them as your wedding BFF, with endless experience,…

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Wedding Trends 2021

Micro Ceremony in 2020 photo by Fiona Kelly

With COVID putting a stop to weddings as we know it, couples used the time to reflect on what they truly want from their wedding. From discussing this with our wedding planners and wedding suppliers, it would appear couples are concentrating on the “marriage” itself and celebrating with guests to show they care for them.…

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Why consider a micro wedding , and how to make it beautiful

Never in my 18 years of being in the wedding industry could I have predicted a year with so few weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic. After a few months of complete lockdown we are beginning to slowly see weddings commence again. Namely the micro wedding of up to *30 guests to fit in with…

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Postponing your wedding due to coronavirus

wedding planning advice

If you were due to get married this summer, I suspect you have been patiently waiting to see whether this is likely. Although we still don’t have a clear answer from the government I would say it is a fair assumption that weddings will not happen prior to July the earliest. And you now need…

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Wedding Entertainment & Music Trends for 2020

Supplier Member

If there is one thing guests always remember from a wedding it’s the entertainment. Did they laugh? Did they dance so much their feet were sore? Did they wake up the next morning with a croaky voice from singing so much? We understand it can be hard thinking about what music and entertainment to have…

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Ultimate guide to choosing your wedding venue

If you have recently become engaged , then I’m sure top of your wedding planning list is choosing your wedding venue. Before you can make any of the detailed decisions about your wedding, you need to know where your wedding ceremony and reception will be. So how can you find that perfect wedding venue. First…

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