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If you are newly engaged then one of your first decisions will be, when to get married. We have no doubt that every time you show off your shiny ring you are asked the inevitable, “so whens the wedding?”. Choosing that perfect wedding date can be tricky especially when family get involved. So here are some key tips to help you.

How soon do you want to be married?

This may seem like an obvious question. But how long do you wish your engagement to be? Are you organising a micro wedding or eloping? Chances are the lead time will be short. Planning a large wedding with lots of components and I suspect you need a longer engagement. It’s worth mentioning that our wedding planner members have planned weddings with just a few weeks notice before so large wedding and short lead time is not impossible with the right support.

Don’t become too “set” on a specific date

By this I mean some couples want to marry on the date they met or date of when you became engaged. Although this is a sweet sentiment, it’s more important that your date makes sense in terms of venue, budget and guests.


If you live in the UK you’ll know our weather is unpredictable. Whatever month you decide to marry you’ll need some contingencies in place – just in case! If you plan to marry outside then ensure there’s a suitable space inside as a backup. Even if marrying in the summer months, this doesn’t guarantee a dry or warm day. You might want to check the met office for historical data to assist you.

You can’t please everyone

Depending on how long your engagement will be there’s a good chance some friends and family have prior engagements. Remember trying to synch 50 key diaries will be impossible. Consider just you and key members of the family only when choosing a date. And when you have chosen the date,  stick to it!

Be flexible

If there is a certain venue you must have or a certain supplier then work round their diaries. Be flexible and have a range of dates you can consider. It’s not unusual for couples to change wedding dates just so they can get that dream venue or top planner. It’s all to do with what your priorities are.

Straddling bank holidays

You might want to consider straddling bank holiday dates to increase your celebrations over a few days. This can be a good way to get deals for a Thursday or Monday wedding. But bear in mind some guests might be choosing this time for a quick weekend away so as much notice as possible is essential.


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