Clarity on her ideal client and a beautiful rebrand

“I am so clear on the way forward I’m literally bursting with excitement to get going! I am now proud of my business and I know I can so do this – this in itself is priceless.”


When Cass contacted me in March she was looking for guidance on her wedding planning business. Although established in 2012 she felt the brand didn’t reflect her as a person or indeed her ideal clients. She felt  our mentoring service was exactly the type of support she needed. During our first few Skype sessions we delved very deep into who Cass is as a person and who her ideal client is. 

Before I started working with Bernadette I was a little lost and so unsure of the way forward and what to do next! I was not confident at all and this really showed in the vague packages I had on offer.


I took the decision to have mentoring with the UKAWP and it’s the best decision for my business and more importantly for me, that I have ever made. I thought I knew stuff, I thought I could do this, but honestly- the things I have learnt through mentoring are priceless. I feel empowered,
 knowledgeable and unstoppable!!

How we helped Cass

  1. Delved deep into her personality, likes and dislikes
  2. Fine tuned her ideal client through guided training and used pinterest for final visualization.
  3. Talked through the process of a branded photoshoot with recommendations on photographers and what looks to aim for
  4. Worked through services to offer and how to price them profitably including formulas to use
  5. Went through logistics of marquees
  6. Went through social media strategies and how to create an overall marketing plan.
  7. Discussed ways to repurpose content for PR & marketing
  8. Came up with a teaser campaign for the new rebrand
  9. And we haven’t even finished her mentoring yet so lots more to come!


I absolutely cannot recommend Bernadette highly enough, if you are serious about your business and the industry and are in need of guidance, I don’t think you will find better. I have learnt SO much and not only feel equipped with knowledge, I feel confident in my abilities. Bernadette’s wisdom, guidance and support has been incredible and I am privileged for the opportunity to have worked with her.

Sandy and I have 1 slot each available for mentoring, due to the time we spend with each business we mentor only a limited number of clients at a time. If you would like to propel your wedding business with our one-to-one mentoring program then book a discovery call

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