Commission / Kickbacks and Transparency in the Wedding Industry

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UKAWP champions ‘No Commission Here’ campaign⁠

The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) is delighted to announce the official launch of its honest, forward-thinking ‘No Commission Here’ campaign.⁠

Determined to shine a light on the commission and /or kickback conundrum within the wedding industry, the UKAWP’s initiative urges all wedding planners and suppliers to value transparency and honesty. We believe in a transparent and honest pricing system for the wedding industry which has been our USP since 2004. We feel every planner, supplier and venue have a duty care towards their clients of which honesty forms a large part of it. Trust is imperative, which is why wedding planners should say ‘no’ to commission. ⁠

Did you know some wedding planners charge a fee for organising a wedding PLUS accept commission/kickbacks from venues or suppliers? In many cases the suppliers will add 10% on top of their fee to cover the commission paid to the planner, which means couples are paying more for their wedding than is necessary. So if you are considering hiring a wedding planner, do ask them, “Do you accept commission and kickbacks”.⁠

Stand with me and say NO Commission Here.⁠

If you are a wedding planner and pay commission to wedding planners we would love to hear from you. Or are you a newlywed who has recently discovered your budget increased due to commission added for your planner?

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  1. […] As a professional level member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP), the leading membership body for wedding planners in the UK, we, at One Curious Dream abide by a strict code of conduct and ethics. As part of our membership, we agree not to accept commission payments, referral fees or kickbacks from venues or suppliers so you can be positive that our recommendations are always based on having your best interests at heart! The UKAWP have recently launched a campaign throughout the UK to highlight the position, you can read more about it here […]

  2. […] Firstly, I don’t make money or give back handers to anyone who recommends me or that I recommend, and I fully support the United Kingdom Alliance of Wedding Planners pledge of No Commission. […]

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