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Commission / Kickbacks and Transparency in the Wedding Industry

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UKAWP champions ‘No Commission Here’ campaign⁠

The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) is delighted to announce the official launch of its honest, forward-thinking ‘No Commission Here’ campaign.⁠

Determined to shine a light on the commission and /or kickback conundrum within the wedding industry, the UKAWP’s initiative urges all wedding planners and suppliers to value transparency and honesty. We believe in a transparent and honest pricing system for the wedding industry which has been our USP since 2004. We feel every planner, supplier and venue have a duty care towards their clients of which honesty forms a large part of it. Trust is imperative, which is why wedding planners should say ‘no’ to commission. ⁠

Did you know some wedding planners charge a fee for organising a wedding PLUS accept commission/kickbacks from venues or suppliers? In many cases the suppliers will add 10% on top of their fee to cover the commission paid to the planner, which means couples are paying more for their wedding than is necessary. So if you are considering hiring a wedding planner, do ask them, “Do you accept commission and kickbacks”.⁠

Stand with me and say NO Commission Here.⁠

If you are a wedding planner and pay commission to wedding planners we would love to hear from you. Or are you a newlywed who has recently discovered your budget increased due to commission added for your planner?

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