Designing with your venue in mind

One of the elements of wedding planning which can sometimes be difficult to put across to a client, is the importance of designing something which works well with the chosen venue. We asked our members to come up with a few hints and tips about what to consider…..

 Make sure you consider where the natural light will fall, and what strength it will be at the date and time your wedding will be held. You can then plan to work with it, or compensate for it, when planning where each element of your day will be held. This way you can avoid people squinting in photos and harsh shadows falling awkwardly, or you can plan to have your ceremony highlighted with candlelight to compensate for a lack of natural brightness. Sarah Nendick – Helen Carter Weddings

Depending upon the type of venue you have chosen, consider ways in which you can make use of any existing features to create a design focal point.  Perhaps there is a large fireplace or floor to ceiling windows which can be accentuated, or maybe you decide to make use of the poles in your marquee or the tall ceiling heights. Lisa Baker – Just Bespoke

Staff at your chosen wedding venue have no doubt worked there for some time and seen a number of wedding day styles in the function spaces.  If you are looking for guidance, they might be the best people to ask as to what works and what doesn’t – but don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little – you don’t want to get stuck in their comfort zone just because they are afraid to try something new. Isabel Smith – Isabel Smith Wedding Design

Work with what you’ve got – look at existing colours and furniture and try to build your wedding design and colour scheme around them – this will save you money on decoration and ensure the theme looks really well thought out. Nicola Jones – Brighton Wedding Planner

Study the venue carefully and use its design to add drama to your look.  For example you may have a grand piano which would work as a display for your cake or large casement windows in front of which pedestal flower arrangements could be placed.  Always use what is there already in this way to maximise the impact of your theme at no extra cost. Rachel Brierley-Jones – The Cotswold Wedding Planner

When choosing your dress and flowers, take inspiration from your venue. If you are getting married in a grand ballroom, choose a formal silk gown and accessorise with striking jewellery.  Opt for tall floral centrepieces which won’t get lost.  By the same token if you are having a rustic barn wedding, you may choose a more floaty number.  Your flowers are likely to be less structured and may be displayed in mismatched vases and containers. Suzanne Prout – RSVP Wedding

Great suggestions ladies – thank you!


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    Very helpful tips! thanks…

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