Destination wedding workshop 23 Feb 2019

FEB 2019Hosted by international wedding planner

Are you thinking of becoming a destination wedding planner, but you don’t know where to start, or how to go about planning a destination wedding? Our Destination Wedding Planning workshop is the perfect place to kick start your new venture.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop for new or aspiring destination wedding planners, including established UK planners looking to expand into international planning, is designed to help you get a thorough understanding of how to approach the destination wedding market, survive the first year as a destination planner, and gain an understanding of how to plan a wedding abroad, from enquiry to delivery.

UKAWP Destination Wedding Planner Training


Probably not for you if…

  • If you’re an established destination wedding planner with good experience of planning weddings abroad, as we’ll be going through the foundations of destination wedding planning, covering aspects you’ll already be familiar with.
  • And sadly, if you have no knowledge of wedding planning at all, this workshop is not for you either, as we’ll be discussing topics that someone without training or experience would not be familiar with.

Date: 23rd February 2019

Where: The Folly

Time: 10am – 4.30pm

Register: To book click here

UKAWP Destination Wedding Planning

Run by…

Experienced international wedding planner, and Destination Ambassador & Member of the UKAWP, Elisabetta of Elisabetta White Events.

Elisabetta specialises in intimate destination weddings and elopements in Italy, Egypt and beyond, and is well recognised as the go-to person for her knowledge of the Italian wedding market, providing support and ad-hoc assistance to fellow colleagues getting into destination wedding planning.

UKAWP destination ambassador

Our workshop will cover:

  • An overview of destination weddings: what is a destination wedding and is there a typical destination client?
  • Your first year challenge: get laser focused on what’s driving your desire to become a destination wedding planner (“I fancy some of that glamorous jet-setting lifestyle” isn’t ‘it’), so you start attracting clients that have affinity with you and don’t question your ability to deliver
  • Starting out: Must Dos that will help you feel more confident as you’re starting to sell destination, plus a discussion on the challenges you’re facing
  • Best practices on:
  • handling destination enquiries and doing consultations
  • questions you should always ask a destination couple
  • dealing with clients that want help with legal paperwork and how to handle religious ceremonies
  • proposals and calculating fees that really do cover all your work
  • ensuring your contract is watertight
  • hiring the services of local planners
  • planning the actual wedding, including where to start from, setting up a budget breakdown that takes into account spend in a foreign currency, conducting venue search abroad and booking venue scouting trips, Dos and Don’ts of booking destination suppliers, dealing with the usual out of scope requests destination clients tend to make, what to do when you arrive in the country on the days prior to the wedding
  • and lastly, your questions!

The outcome?

You will leave feeling more confident and ready to branch out to international work, having clarity on how to handle destination enquiries from enquiry to delivery, build a support network in the countries you’re planning to offer to your clients and feel at ease with the whole process of planning a destination wedding.

“I’ve been sharing my knowledge about the destination wedding market with fellow colleagues for a long time. So I’m really excited to share my knowledge with you in a practical workshop that will give you the confidence to start selling your destination wedding services, and that will answer all your burning questions.” [Elisabetta]

To book your place please register here, please note space is limited and we only run this workshop once a year


All weddings shown organised by Elisabetta White and photographed by Nora Photography

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