Diamond Rose Events – Styled Photo shoot

We are delighted to show you a photo shoot organised by one of our members Jessica from Diamond Rose Events, this was subsequently shown in Your London Wedding magazine.

Here at Diamond Rose Events we decided to collaborate with some of our favourite suppliers on a fascinating wedding shoot. As a Wedding and Event planner, we find creativity through memories and through experiences; our work brings to life the wonders of imagination. Everyone has a ‘favourite place’ or ‘memory’ that reminds them of home, this shoot was designed around my own memory of the childhood film FairyTail: A True Story.

shoot 1

The garden in which it was set, could quiet easily have been the forest in which the fairies were found; to me it was the garden that I grew up in. Therefore it makes this shoot one of the best forms of inspiration I have created yet.

shoot 2

Photographed by Paula Broome Photography, each detail was captured with precision; the colours stand out against the rustic backdrop creating the magical ambiance that we wanted. Incorporating the mystical and magical into the classical wedding theme allows the elegance and class of the traditional wedding to remain intact but enhances the atmosphere by altering the theme using the whimsical world of fairies and magic.

shoot 3

By using the simple colours of Purple and white – silver, it brings a unique style into the decoration. I enhanced the colours from light to dark, you bring about lilac and a mesmerizing shimmered ivory. Then moulding the colours together, it not only keeps a consistent theme but also shapes that special WOW factor you are looking for. Exquisite Sugar Tables really set the mood with their fantastic array of sweets and cakes, which stood on platforms of crystals, illuminating elegance and grace.

shoot 5

The main floral arrangement from Ivy Pip and Rose incorporates the clashing colours, which really help bring out the uniqueness of the day. The excellent quality of the linins and napkins provided by 88 Events was chosen in order to accentuate the crystal chandelier centrepiece from Essential Wedding Hire.  Of course the table would not be set for dinning with out the correct cutlery, this shoot also introduces the incredible designs of Dream Cutlery, gold plated as well as rose gold knives and folks that makes your head table extravagant!

shoot 4

The magnificent Cake, creating by Cakings, has been adorned and topped with purple and lilac sugar hydrangeas. When looked at in a certain light the icing can be seen to sparkle! I wanted this cake to stand out and make a statement using a simple structure of the flowers changing from purple at the bottom to lilac at the top.

shoot 7

Not forgetting the stunning bride dresses, both the short and long dresses has been uniquely created with passion and delicacy by Wilden Bridal London.  The bridesmaids dresses are just as beautiful, as fairies go, they each prefer their own style that suites their personality, bridesmaids are very much similar to fairies, they all have their own flair and character. I handpicked the bridesmaid gowns for this shoot from the stylish company NABBD.

shoot 8 again

Dresses of course need shoes… and what better than specially designed heels from Marsha Hall Shoes. With her exceptional talent her designs stood out to me as the perfect shoe to fit the theme.

shoot 9 again

Of course to top off the mystical fairy character, the floral designed make-up and curled hair styling brings out the innocent beauty. AAB Make-Up and Hair Artist went with the lighter touches that show off the bride’s natural beauty but accentuate the finer details.  I Love Nails fashioned each nail with elegance and class to transform the bride into the beautiful fairy princess. And of course the gifted Samantha Walden provided the finishing touches with her stunning tiara headpieces that glittered, making the dream of a princess real.

Each supplier involved was given the opportunity to express their full creativity and potential within their respective fields, most aspects of the shoot were uniquely designed based on the original concept and ideas that I presented.

Supplier list:

Creator/Organiser: Diamond Rose Events

Photographer: Paula Broome Photography

Nail Artist: I Love Nails

Hair & Make-Up: AAB Make-Up and Hair Artist

Florist: Ivy Pip and Rose

Linin and napkin Hire: 88 Events

Brides Dresses: Wilden Bride London

Bridesmaids Dresses: NABBD (Not Another Boring Bridesmaids Dress)

Shoes: Marsha Hall Shoes

Centre Piece Chandelier: Essential Wedding Hire

Cutlery: Dream Cutlery

Sweet Table: Exquisite Sugar Tables

Tiaras: Samantha Walden

Cake: Cakings Weddings

Models: Azure Promotions – Dolly-Mae Briggs, Tori Kingsbury & Dianita de la Cruz


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