Diversify from weddings into party planning

Party planning course

If you would like a cash injection this summer for your wedding business then I have the perfect solution: Diversify your wedding business by offering party planning 

I have been offering party planning through my business Dream Occasions for over 10 years. Parties account for 50% of my revenue each year and I have learnt over the years how different to weddings they are. At first glance you may feel its no different to your wedding planning but I’m afraid you are wrong. It is not unusual for me to have just a few weeks notice for my parties – you cannot approach them the same as a wedding.

Party Planner in EssexAsk yourself?

  1. 1) Have you added party services to your website but are not getting the enquiries or perhaps you are not converting those enquiries?

2) Have you successfully gained a party booking but are finding it so different to weddings, do you feel the relationship with your client is not working?

If your answer to the above is yes then I would love to help you. I consistently get fabulous party bookings which are profitable for my business. After advising many members of the UKAWP on parties I have decided to run a mini course with weekly challenges to give your party service the push it needs. I am offering this at such a low price but I honestly want more of you to expand your potential – I want your profits to soar.

This course is for you if:
1) You are already a wedding planner
2) You can commit to the 4 x weekly calls
3) You are able to make changes to your website and social media quickly

This is not for you if:
1) You haven’t launched
2) You cannot commit the time
3) You do not have access to your website for changes / or do not have a web developer at hand to do this for you

Diversify from weddings to partiesWEEK 1 (w/c 23rd April)
Identifying who your “party” client will be
Your strengths
Knowing what they will expect from you
The mindset of a party client
The difference to weddings

Reviewing the marketing via your website
Website copy & images
Key SEO phrases

Reviewing your social media accounts
Why structure to images is vital

Profitability of parties
Handling the enquiry
Closing the sale
How to work with party clients

WEEK 5 (bonus)
Open Q&A session
Celebration of results

Party Planner in Essex
Each week I will set a challenge, after the 4 weeks I will choose a “winner” who can get a private 45 mins coaching call to fine tune their party service.

£152 members of the UKAWP
£174 non members of the UKAWP


We start week commencing 23rd April. All training will take part in a private Facebook group, the day chosen for the training will be decided once everyone has joined the group. If you miss a live you can watch the replay and still take part in the weeks challenge.

If you would like to talk about the course before registering let me know. Click the payment link to pay, I will add you to the private group 1 week before the course starts. More information and the link to book is here

Want to see some of my parties? Visit my gallery

P.S Did you know the majority of my parties are organised in less than 4 weeks? The shortest lead time was 12 days. Book this course and I’ll explain how I do it

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