Don't Forget To Play – by Matthew Oliver

We loved this article by member Matthew Oliver, all about not forgetting to take some time out to have fun even in the midst of wedding season. Over to you Matthew…

I’ve brought back the #fridayfeeling as I saw this quote today and knew I had to post it because it’s actually how I feel right now!

Marc Johns


As you can imagine we’re entering into wedding season, for some they’re already inside and they won’t be coming up for air till later this year.

In this time it’s so important that we make sure we have time to play, even it’s it’s for a couple of hours, or if you’re lucky a weekend!

Being in this industry, is challenging and can be very emotional at times and been a planner you could be working on your own during the week, so I advise giving yourself some play time – play time could be anything like, shopping, catching up with friends, exercise, date nights, hanging out with family, or even playing with your favourite Star Wars figures (I did say play time)- or in my case my gold dinosaurs!

Having a weekly task list and adding this play time to it is vital because then you’ll know you have to make time for it, especially if you’ve made plans!  I’m a sucker for making plans and then when it comes to the day of ‘play time’ I’m always worrying I’ve not got time for this!  We should not be worried, we should be excited; but unfortunately this is the case for a lot of us, as regardless of what we do we feel we’re letting someone down, if it’s a client a boss, your partner it’s what we think!

This play time does not just go for wedding folk, it’s important you couples out there have time to play too!  If you’re planning your wedding on your own or even if you have a planner, it’s so important you find time to play/relax and do something that does not involve wedding planning – though make sure not to even bring up wedding planning because it won’t be play time!

So what are you all doing this weekend or next week that let’s you put your pads down and turn your computers off?  I’m going for drinks this evening followed by a Thai with the boy – this is my play time, what is yours?

I’m sure you all can relate to this, but I feel we all need to do this for ourselves because quite rightly we deserve it!  In this day and age we work to hard and forget the play!  Remember the saying work hard, play hard?!

Love you loads,


Matthew Oliver


International Wedding Planner xx

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