Education director answers questions on our wedding courses

There are some questions I get asked again and again, especially regarding our courses so for your ease I have answered them below. But that doesn’t mean you can’t call me with a new question, I love speaking with those entering this exciting career so don’t be shy pick up the phone. You can also find our training brochure on our website
Bernadette Chapman - Director UKAWP

I have no experience in events; will this course be suitable for me?

Yes definitely, our courses covers all the basics you need to launch your career as a wedding planner, previous students have come from a range of careers including solicitors, nurses and teachers.

Will I be qualified after attending the course?

No because there is no real qualification in wedding planning. Contrary to what you may believe the wedding industry is unregulated. Companies that offer diplomas or certificates are self regulated thus the qualifications are only from them and not recognised in the UK.

Aren’t the UKAWP competitors to my new career?

No, no, no! It is vitally important you view your fellow wedding planners as colleagues not competitors. The tutors are all very different and successful in their respective areas; we don’t view any student or planner as a ‘competitor’. Feedback from students has reiterated the tutors experience as a highlight of the course. You can see some via our Facebook page. 

UKAWP Members laughing

Can I join the UKAWP after the course?

Please do apply for associate membership, all applications are vetted for professionalism and your tutors experience of you on the training course will be included in any decision made.

How should I compare your course to others?

We appreciate you may wish to compare courses before choosing the right one for you. A few things you should ask when making enquiries:

  1. Who wrote the course and is it a US or UK text?
  2. Who conducts the training and what is their background/experience?
  3. Can you speak with previous students for feedback?
  4. When was the course last updated?

Photo Credit: Lloyd Dobbie & Adrian Neal 

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