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If you have decided to retrain and start a new career as a wedding planner, you no doubt have lots of questions about what wedding planner course to undertake.  We receive many emails and phone calls with questions about how to select the right course and are always happy to answer them. We hope some of the below frequently asked questions is helpful for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t call me with a new question, I love speaking with those entering this exciting career so don’t be shy pick up the phone on 01376 561 544 or


Why should we train with the UKAWP?

The UKAWP has successfully trained wedding planners for over ten years and we’re thrilled to have inspired so many fabulous professionals in that time.

We run classroom-based courses to enable students to interact not only with their experienced tutors but also their fellow students. We pride ourselves on our honesty and immense enthusiasm at wanting you to succeed, and we update courses regularly. We are also incredibly proud of the success many of our past students and members have found in this wonderful industry.

What is the UKAWP?

The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) is owned and operated by the two of us, Bernadette Chapman and Sandy Moretta. We’re passionate about the industry and committed to promoting professionalism and sound, honest business practices. As working wedding planners, we know the job and understand its good – and frustrating – sides.

We were founded in 2004 to promote professionalism in wedding planning, evolving to include industry-wide educational and networking opportunities for related businesses.


I have no experience in events; will this course be suitable for me?

Yes definitely, our courses cover all the basics you need to launch your career as a wedding planner, previous students have come from a range of careers including solicitors, nurses and teachers.

What support after the course do we have?

After the course you will have access to our very active private Facebook group. On here students encourage and support each other, regardless of what stage of the journey they are at. You will also have access to Facebook live videos that are on the Facebook group normally recorded by a director or senior ambassador of the UKAWP.

Will the course make me a qualified wedding planner?

You will receive a certificate confirming you have trained with us along with a logo to use on your marketing materials. We strongly feel your journey as a wedding planner begins after you have trained with us, that is why we hold regular workshops and offer mentoring to past students to increase your knowledge. Attending a course and receiving a certificate should not mean you know everything there is to know about weddings which is why we will never use the term “qualified as a wedding planner”.

The role of a wedding planner is an important one and treasured by our couples marrying, but we’re not training to be a doctor or lawyer, there are no requirements to be “qualified” to work as a wedding planner.

Remember the wedding industry is unregulated so before registering and paying for any training qualification, you need to ensure it’s the right course to take. For example you might prefer home learning in which case we can recommend some fabulous online schools to consider. Speak with other wedding planners to get their recommendations about who they trained with or how they started their business.

Which course is right for me?

This question we are asked a lot, just what course is right for you to take? If you pop onto our training page it lists the topics covered in each course, and which one is suitable for you.

Do I become a member automatically after training with you?

If you are a UK based wedding planner, you abide by our Code of Business Practice and wish to promote your professionalism we encourage you to apply for membership. We’ll help you stand out in an increasingly crowded field, adding an extra level of assurance for your clients. If you are new to the industry, provided you have trained with us, or another approved *course provider, or been in events for two years, you can apply for membership. Attending our course does not automatically mean you are a member.

How should I compare your course to others?

We appreciate you may wish to compare courses before choosing the right one for you. A few things you should ask when making enquiries:

  • Who wrote the course and is it a US or UK text?
  • Who conducts the training and what is their background/experience?
  • Can you speak with previous students for feedback?
  • When was the course last updated?
  • What support is given after the course?

I hope this helps but don’t hesitate to call me with further questions on 03376 561 544


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