Farewell UKAWP director – hello Supreme Member

Well, as our members and some of our followers know, our wonderful co-director, Kelly Chandler, has decided to leave her UKAWP director role in order to concentrate on her thriving wedding planning business and her young family.

We shall miss Kelly daily as, for us, she has been far from just a colleague, but a true friend and someone we’ve been able to laugh and cry with over the years.

We cannot thank you enough Kelly, and wanted to do so ‘publicly’ as we know many members and industry colleagues feel the same.

Notable memories which spring to mind…..

  • Calling you when the UKAWP partnership ceased and asking “Do you fancy coming into business with me and transform the UKAWP into a recognizable brand?”
  • Sharing a tiny twin hotel room in order to save costs (on many occasions)
  • Meeting your lovely husband for the first time
  • Delivering tiny Champagne bottles to a London churchyard; (Sandy)
  • Directors meetings with various offspring who happened to be ill/ around
  • Chasing (and catching) escaped baby goats at one of your stunning weddings (Sandy)
  • Preparing for WPE in a hotel with no mobile reception and dubious internet connection (Sandy)
  • Sharing a horse and carriage around Central Park on our NYC study tour;Kelly & Sandy
  • Chatting on the flight from London to New York- non stop as if we hadn’t seen each other for years (Bernadette)
  • Laughing, crying and more laughing over issues we can’t broadcast on our blog
  • Crying with understanding and love when your resignation email arrived
  • Immense pride at what the 3 of us have achieved for the wedding planning industry
  • Directors outside Ceci Stationers
  • Watching your eyes roll when I come up with another “brilliant idea” as you begin to work the logistics out to its viability (Bernadette)
  • Laughing when you chase me for my expenses (Bernadette)

Sandy, Bernadette, Kelly - CopyWe are so pleased we had many years together as a trio – but look forward to the new era with 2 directors and calling upon the services of Kelly as a supreme member.

UKAWP Directors

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