Fed Suppliers = Happy Suppliers

Recently I was browsing Sasha Souza’s wonderful blog when I discovered an article on feeding your suppliers. I thought it was a great post and useful for both brides and planners alike.

As a rule I say suppliers there for less then 4 hours should have a drink and light snack if over lunch time, i.e a sandwich & cake. If a supplier is working longer then 4 hours then they should have a hot meal. The caterer should be able to provide this easily and a fraction of the guest cost, i.e a supplier certainly does not need 3 courses the one will suffice!

I did smile at Sasha reference to bands as its so true, I also make a point of setting up a rest area for the band with soft drinks & biscuits to stop them hovering at the bar, incidentally I also make it clear soft drinks only for all suppliers.

Please do read Sasha’s tips for further information.

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  1. Nick Everitt on 30th April 2009 at 3:34 pm

    Due to the style of photography coverage that we do (all the way from start of prep to first dance and beyond) we have had some very long days, 20 hours being about the longest so far for a wedding in France that we shot so its always nice to be offered food but we generally politely turn it down if it is offered before the day for a couple of reasons.

    1. When you sit down for your meal we download memory cards and make a mini album so its not really practical to eat a knife and fork meal whilst doing that, sarnie in hand is much easier.

    2. The timing of the meal when we have had a meal provided has sometimes been inconvenent, so it either turns up before we have finished shooting and so is cold when we get to it or it turns up right at the end of when guests have been served so were about to start shooting again.

    3. Eating wedding food every weekend would do my waistline even more harm than its already had 🙂

    Its always nice to be asked though!

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