Global Wedding Market Survey Results (2012)

Last week we showed you some slides on how brides choose their wedding professionals and today we are continuing by showing you some more results.

Whenever we run our training courses we reiterate how important personality is to a bride when selecting her wedding planner. So its nice to see that the survey results back this statement up. The UK and global results were very similar so we’re just showing you the UK results.

2012 UK Wedding Market Study Personality Slide

All our members and many of our past students follow our code of business practice, one of our key statements is that our members must respond to emails within 48 hours. We have always felt it is imperative you don’t delay in any communication with a bride or fellow wedding professional, and the brides would agree. In this case the old saying “make hay whilst the sun shines” is certainly relevant.

2012 UK Wedding Market Study COmmunication

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Survey results via Liene Stevens from Splendid Insights

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