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It’s long been known that the relationship between in-house venue co-ordinator and independent wedding planner hasn’t always been a rosy and smooth one, however with a bit more understanding of both roles, UKAWP believe the relationship can blossom and bloom to everyone’s advantage, most importantly to that of the bride and groom. 

Kate Fletcher of Kate Fletcher Events  has sat on both sides of the fence and provides some insight here:

 Having started my career in event management in the corporate sector, my ‘wedding’ career began setting up a new wedding venue. I offered the personal touch to the happy couple, showing them round the venue, answering their many questions, reassuring them at all times that everything will be taken care of. Liaising with the caterers, selecting the wines – even setting the tables to their requirements. Yes, a venue does provide a great deal in planning your day and this is how it should be as you are paying a premium.

 A venue does however have many weddings every month and in most cases does not simply have the resource to provide a full co-ordination of service for each and every aspect of the wedding planning . An independent wedding planner is personally involved with the bride & groom and their families, acting as their ‘PA’ to organise every detail to create the day they have always dreamt of. From ‘mood boards’ and styling advice, sending invitations and collating guest responses to liaising with suppliers, negotiating discounts, managing the wedding budget – the list is endless. It also allows the couple time to relax in the months leading up the wedding, something a venue will welcome.

Planners and venues should be on the same side of the chess board - white of course!

Planners and venues should be on the same side of the chess board - white of course!

 For those venues that are slightly sceptical about wedding planners, please be reassured. We are here to make your lives easier, to be part of the team, not to bark instructions from a clipboard! A good wedding planner takes calls from the bride day and night. We field the countless questions a bride undoubtedly has and call you once, rather than ten times or more! We know you have rules and regulations, not to be awkward and dictatorial, but to ensure things run as smoothly as possible with a ‘tried and tested’ method. Finally don’t forget, it will be the wedding planner they turn to on the day when the string quartet has lost their way!

 Working at a wedding venue has been a great advantage to my business. I appreciate the hard work a venue does to ensure every wedding is special for the couple, but equally I can relay the planning process and procedures to the bride and her family, hopefully offering the minimum of stress to all.

 A wedding venue and a wedding planner should be the perfect marriage – don’t you think?

Written by Kate of Kate Fletcher Events who is an associate member of UKAWP.  

UKAWP has run training courses for new wedding planners since 2005 and spend much time teaching students the essentials of venue finding, working successfully with venues and planning together as a team. To find out more about our training courses, please take a look here

Thank you to Annie Armitage for the photo.


  1. Erika on 20th October 2010 at 5:50 pm

    Nice article, Kate

  2. Nikki Foster on 3rd November 2010 at 1:42 pm

    This is a great article Kate. Too many venues are ‘scared’ of wedding planners. I know that some have had bad experiences but with a UKAWP member they can bve rest assured that we are all professional and want to work with them to make the day as special as possible for the couple.

    We help to make the best of their venue – this should be welcomed. We also make their life a lot easier; our couples believe us when we say that something can’t be done or doesn’t need to be done, when the venue say they can’t do something the couples often just think that they are being awkward. We are here to help everyone!

    Many brides think our role is the same as that of an on-site co-ordinator. As you rightly state it is very different and the roles compliment each other.

  3. Stacey-Marie Chalk on 3rd November 2010 at 9:53 pm

    A wedding venue and wedding planner should be the perfect marriage! Venues I have been fortunate to work with have been very happy to be working alongside a wedding planner. They have commented on the time it has saved them; the reduced admin and communication as they have one organised point of contact who understands what they need to know and at what point.

    We provide a fair and honest representation on behalf of our clients ensuring their needs are met, whilst managing expectations, as well as ensuring the needs of the venue are met in a timely manner. Equally we do not replace the role of a venue coordinator as they fully represent the venue and we fully represent the client in a multitude of ways; we support each other to make sure all areas are covered and work smoothly together!

    Fab article Kate, let’s hope the message gets out there!

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