Grooms, Technology and Weddings….

We recently undertook a quick survey which looked in brief at two specific trends: Grooms getting more involved in wedding planning and the use of technology amongst couples planning their weddings.

Grooms and Wedding Planning

Almost 84% of UKAWP Members who responded to the survey have noticed Grooms becoming more involved in wedding planning over the last 2-3 years, with under 10% saying they haven’t noticed much change.

The most likely elements of the wedding for Grooms to become involved in are venue, entertainment, transport, photography/ film, food and drink, some of which may not be a surprise, but 27% of Grooms are very much involved with all parts the planning.

Clients using Technology in their Wedding Planning

Ninety one percent of UKAWP Members who responded to the survey have noticed their clients using technology to help manage and organise their weddings with the order of popularity as follows.

  • 62% are using various devices and programs to share photos
  • 49% are creating their own spreadsheets of venues and suppliers and sharing with their planners
  • 82% are using Pinterest or similar ‘mood board’ devices
  • 26% are using video calls to show venues/ dresses/ other ideas
  • 41% are using specific wedding planning apps on their phones

We hope planners will find this to be valuable information as it demonstrates some of the ways in which the market we work in has changed. Involving the Groom, and in some cases perhaps working predominantly with him, is key, and keeping up with the various ways in which clients wish to interact and share planning data is very important and will doubtless continue to be so.





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