Have You Set Working Hours?

Today we’d like to have a little discussion on working hours, we all know our industry is not a 9am-5pm type job but what hours can you expect to be working?

We sometimes see newer planners state they are available 24/7 for clients and we wonder if they have thought it through. Do you want a client calling you at 3am one morning wishing to discuss budgets? Yes we want to be flexible and available to our clients but that doesn’t mean you are not entitled to a private life outside of work.

Set boundaries from the outset and deliver what you promise. Setting working hours that clients are aware of is not a bad thing, it informs them that you are a professional and deserve to be treated as such. After all, would they expect their bank manager to be available at 3am?

Now please don’t misunderstand us, being flexible and available and understanding to busy clients is a very important part of running a successful wedding planning business but that doesn’t mean  that you’re not entitled to a personal life.

So don’t feel bad (even in these harsh times where we are all working super hard) to switch the voicemail on and return calls within your working hours.

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