Having a plan!

Today we hear from our regular guest blogger, Paula Gardener of Do Your Own PR  on PR strategies. Basically, have one from the off!

 PR Strategies – 7 Reasons Why You Need One Right Now


1. Just Getting It Done
Without a strategy, PR does have an annoying habit of getting pushed to the bottom of a to-do list. After all, it’s rare that journalists actively contact you (unless you are a member of our club perhaps!). Every PR campaign has to be self-motivated and maintained. Having a PR strategy with clearly defined jobs and deadlines makes PR much more likely to happen.

2. It Amplifies The Results From Other Marketing Activites
Having a PR strategy will reinforce the work you do in other areas. You can tie your advertising, online and offline marketing and newsletter into the same theme as your PR campaign so that they all pull together. This also means that you can re-use material too, taking the core and using it in your marketing material, press releases, articles, tip sheets and newsletters.

3. It Helps You keep Up
Even if you don’t have a PR strategy you can bet your competitors do. It can be gutting to watch what was once your contemporary steam ahead in both profile and sales – I know I have been there in a previous life.

4. It Gets You Serious
You know you need a PR strategy long-term, so why put it off when you could be stepping up and stepping into the serious business that you really want to be?

5. You will get added benefits
Implementing a PR campaign will bring you so much more than just mere press coverage. You will increase in confidence, tackle a new skill and build relationships that will impact on your business over and over again.

6. And about building those relationships..
A press campaign is not just about sending out press releases, but about building up a relationship with the press…talking to them, perhaps even taking time out to meet them. Just like a friendship, a relationship with a journalist can’t be rushed…so why are you waiting around when you could be making a start?

7. Planning for the Future
I do come across businesses who say they will implement PR when they have the budget or have grown to a certain size. This is all very well and good but don’t they realise that they could be reaching those budgets or that growth now with the help of PR! Getting started on a PR campaign and then handing it over to a company or freelancer later puts you in a fabulous position. Having done PR you’ll know what you are talking about, be able to spot the deliverers from the mere promisers and be able to contribute to what should be a long-standing relationship with your PR agency.

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