How Can a Wedding Planner Help You?

One of the main reasons for the existence of the UKAWP is to act as a reliable reference point for couples organising their wedding. Many couples are now using planners to assist with part or all, of their wedding planning.

If you are looking for a professional wedding planner, this is the place for you. We are the only membership organisation in the UK dedicated to the ‘wedding planning industry’.


Wedding Planning is a rapidly growing sector of the wedding industry, hardly surprising when you consider the wedding market is worth billions with an average wedding now costing £20k. It is no longer considered a luxury and more a necessity to have a wedding planner with brides enlisting on the services of planners regardless of their budget. Click here for an outline of the different services planners offer. For more guidelines on how to select a reputable planner, please click here…

Please rest assured all members have met our entry criteria and comply with our code of business practice* before they can be accepted into the UKAWP. For more details of these, please visit our membership page here…

Where to source a planner

If you are considering hiring a planner please read on for some top tips and advice to ensure you hire the right planner for you. And when you’re ready to make that step, take a look at our directory  for a planner near to you. All our members have been vetted for their professionalism, abide by our code of business practice  and are fully ensured.

Look through wedding magazines, blogs or search engines to see which planners are listed for your area.  Start by reading the planners websites thoroughly to understand how they operate.

Contact them for more information and arrange a consultation with at least two that meet your requirements. This should be arranged at a time and place convenient for you.

The Consultation and what to ask

During the consultation, does the planner ask lots of questions regarding your personality and any initial plans? Do they understand your wedding vision? They should be enthusiastic and build on your ideas. Do you have a rapport and feel at ease with them? Remember you will be in close contact during the planning so you must actually like them as a person!

How long have they been in business and how many weddings have they organised? Can they provide references? Ask how they charge, for example do they charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the budget? Ask if they accept commission from suppliers and are discounts passed onto you – all members of the UKAWP comply with a code of business practice.

The Proposal

Following your consultation the planner should send you a proposal. When this arrives, does it match your recent discussion? If the quote is not acceptable, then contact the planner to discuss. Are there any items that could be removed? Check whether there are any extra charges, i.e. travel, accommodation, administrative work.

Confirming your planner

Once you book a planner, make sure you sign a contract. Read it carefully. Don’t forget to use your planner as an information source; they may be able to advise you on any issues of concern. Keep in regular contact with your planner and update them of any changes.

Good luck and enjoy planning your wedding!

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    Appreciate the good comprehensive guide for couples selecting a Planner and why choose one who is a member of the UKAWP!

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