How can I get the most from WPE?

In order to ensure you get the most from the seminar here are our top tips.

  • Attend both days to benefit from full range of speakers
  • Introduce yourself to the speakers during the networking opportunities and ask advice if applicable
  • Try to network with all attendees, don’t be shy, you could be making some good friends for the future
  • Don’t forget your business cards, you never know when you’ll need them
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions at the end of each presentation
  • Attend the dinner as this is when attendees unwind and the topic of discussion can get interesting and bizarre!


So what do our past attendees think?

“Can’t wait to get started, putting everything I’ve learnt into one place.”

“Great venue, superb content, lovely group of planners and great networking opportunities.”

 “I feel really  motivated following the sessions and am excited about transferring these new skills into my business!

 “I’m pleased I have attended the event – and I’m taking away a number of useful tips to help me with my business”

 “absolutely brilliant for exceeding my expectations and I couldn’t have asked for more”


If you have any questions about WPE don’t hesitate to email (Planners) or (suppliers)

Photo Credit: Lloyd Dobbie

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