How often do you follow up on potential leads?

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Does this sound familiar? You had a brilliant meeting or call with a potential client, you send off your quotation but then silence. What do you do next? How often do you reach out to them?

I think there is a tendency to not “bother” people. Reaching out to people one time is not enough whether that’s a potential client, supplier or venue

Want to work with a planner or supplier?

Sending just one email won’t work. What about connecting on social media. Commenting on posts? Sending them a voice note? Sending a handwritten note?

Following up with a potential client

If you are waiting to hear back from a potential client don’t be so passive. People fear being pushy, if they want to contact me they will.

Whereas actually, people need to be reminded. Life gets in the way so you sending a nudge may be all they need to confirm with you. Now I’m not saying keep reaching out week after week. But I am saying don’t give up on the first hurdle.


80% of sales require an average of five follow-ups in order to close the deal

Use different ways to communicate

Do your research, what mode of communication will they prefer? Me? Unless a call has been prearranged I don’t like people calling me. Always feels like its interrupting me in the middle of a project.

Vary the contact

Because that email you sent may well be lost in an overflowing inbox. It could be a case of just not SEEING your proposals. Send them a WhatsApp, contact them on social media, leave a voice note OR pick up the phone.

Professionals have on average over 200 emails in their inbox at any one time

Be respectful of their time

Although I want you to follow up with them, don’t do it multiple times a day. In other words don’t hound them and be respectful of the fact they are busy

Be clear on the next steps

Let them know that you have pencilled their wedding in / set aside time to work on their wedding. Send them a link to your calendar to ask any further questions. Remind them that no booking is confirmed until the contract is signed.

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