How to Entertain Guests with No Dancing Allowed


As of 21st June, dancing is still sadly not permitted at wedding receptions. But that doesn’t mean weddings can’t still be fun. In fact perhaps this is the chance to think up alternative solutions to entertain your guests. Here are 9 ideas to get you started.

1. Lets start laughing again

What about having a stand up comedian as an after dinner act? Guests can relax at their table whilst a comedian entertains them. After all I think we all need some laughter in our lives right now.

Jodie from Ella Bella Weddings and Events

2. Rock, Paper, Scissors

How about going back to some “old school” games, such as Rock, Paper, Scissors? Host a tournament where guests are socially distanced but still compete against each other. In fact Elite Member Dominique from Stylish Events has done this many times pre COVID and it has always been such fun.

3. *Mr and Mrs competition

What about the couple entertaining guests by hosting a game show? How about the famous Mr & Mrs show where the bride(s) and groom(s) stand either side of a screen and answer questions such as “who takes longer to get ready in the morning?” Dominique, Stylish Events
* You can of course name this Mr & Mr and Mrs and Mrs

4. How well do your guests know you?

You spent time curating your perfect guest list. But how well do they know you? Give each table a list of questions about you and the table who answers the most correctly wins a prize. Dominique of Stylish Events 

5. Get competitive

What about hosting team games where each table works together to compete against other tables (think ‘taskmaster’ type challenges). Daisy of Daisy Raine Weddings & Events
To keep guests entertained and busy what about hosting a murder mystery after dinner where tables work as teams to solve the crime. And of courses prizes given to the winner. You could bring in an amateur dramatic group to act out the crimes. Hannah of Hannah Rose Weddings & Events

6. Lets keep it mellow

You could host a jazz evening for after dinner with easy listening tunes to end the evening beautifully. Have wine waiters taking orders for that extra guest experience. Daisy of Daisy Raine Weddings & Events
Supplier Member

7. Theme it

If you are into theatre shows or movies, a band such as a tribute act are great that people can actually watch, especially if they include dancers, think dirty dancing, Greece, a west end tribute act, or a famous movies tribute act.   Hannah of Hannah Rose Weddings & Events

8. Cabaret acts

Why not arrange a variety of acts to entertain guests? From comedians and magicians to singers and circus performers? Depending on your venue this could include aerial performers, jugglers, fire performers, stilt walkers. After all who said you HAVE to dance at a wedding? Isn’t it more about coming together with friends and family?
No dancing at a wedding

Mark Bothwell Photography

9. Scavenger Hunt

Not just for children, why not ask your wedding stationer to create a scavenger hunt where guests have to find all the items and solve the clues. The first to complete then gets a prize? Maybe this could be a table by table activity instead of individual?
So what will you choose with no dancing at your wedding?
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