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Today we hear from PR expert Paula Gardner of and Paula gives us her thoughts on what wedding planners can do to get noticed by both press and clients. 


1. Dare to be Different


PR is all about setting yourself apart from everyone else and being remembered for that quality or service. It might be that you offer something that no one else does locally (perhaps you have good links with Italy or a great deal with suppliers who are normally hard to get hold of), or it could be down to your personality and the way that you work. Think about what makes people sign the contract with you, or just ask them, and decide what you can do to get that feature of your service more publicity. Play to your strengths.


2. Nurture You


Think about why you do what you do. It could be a sense of fun, a love of the fine detail or a flare for drama. Ponder how you can bring those qualities into your campaign to keep you happy.


3. Style as well as Substance


You are in an extremely visual industry with no room for badly laid-out websites, wafer thin business cards or poor images on your brochures or site. In fact, a well captured photo can make a whole campaign, so pay as much attention to how your material looks as you are to what you are saying.


4. Feel the Love


One thing I love about the wedding industry is that so many people are very welcoming and giving; it’s a lovely community to be part of, whether that’s at the face to face conferences I have spoken at, or on Twitter. Take advantage of this…I have never seen the same thing in other industries….and share with and help others as much as you possibly can. It will come back to you I promise.


5. It’ a Small World


In one way you are very lucky in that there are a limited number of publications and websites that you need to know about…it’s not like other businesses whose media list may run into the hundreds. This means that there is no excuse not to get to know the wedding publications back to front and upside down, and therefore understand what each one will be looking for. You can tailor your releases and emails to each publication and provide a truly personal service to the press, as well as your clients.


Paula Gardner is a PR expert who offers PR coaching and mentoring as well as requests from hungry journalists through her new service

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Paula Gardner

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