How to ….organise a wedding in an historic building

Our members here at the UKAWP have an amazing array of knowledge of all things ‘wedding related’, therefore in a new series we are shaing some of that knowledge with you.  

  1. When viewing prospective venues, make sure you are aware of any limitations. For example, many historic buildings will not allow candles, confetti or certain forms of entertainment, such as chocolate fountains, due to the risk of damage. Helen Carter Weddings
  2. Consider the access requirements of your guests. Most old buildings don’t have lifts, meaning it may not be appropriate to have your ceremony and/or reception in an upstairs room if you have guests with limited mobility (e.g. elderly relatives). Also check out the location of the toilets, as sometimes these may be on a different floor to your reception. Helen Carter Weddings
  3. Being older, historic buildings sometimes have sound limiters that cut the music out if it reaches a certain decibel level.  It is well worth watching out for this if you are looking to have a band with more than 3 musicians. Isabel Smith Weddings
  4. Historic buildings often have strange limitations such as rooms where flash photography isn’t allowed (so as to protect the artwork)  and limitations on dancing, again to protect furnishings and artwork. Isabel Smith Weddings
  5. Whilst the venue hire of a beautiful, classic property might be a little higher, decoration costs can be easier to keep in check as the rooms are often very ornate and speak for themselves. Isabel Smith Weddings
  6. Make sure that your photographer has a chance to do a site visit if marrying at an historic building as the rooms can sometimes be darker so they may need to bring along more equipment. Isabel Smith Weddings
  7. Many historic venues have elaborate colour schemes so you’ll want to plan your wedding colours around the venue to ensure there aren’t any clashes.   Take pictures of the carpet, walls, draping, furniture and wall decorations. Flutterfly Events
  8. Be sure to ask the venue manager which rooms you’ll have access to on your wedding day.  While you might have exclusive hire of the venue, one or two rooms could still be off limits. So, if you fell in love with a historic venue because of a particular room, just make sure to avoid disappointment on your big day and get that gorgeous room you want. Flutterfly Events

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