How to uninvite someone to your wedding

Now there’s a question you never thought you’d need to ask. But sometimes circumstances change and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to uninvite friends and family from an impending wedding.

uninvite wedding guests

Legal Reasons

Lets use coronavirus as an example. Micro ceremonies can now happen for just 30 people but following Boris Johnson announce on the 31st July, all micro receptions are no longer allowed. Leaving you in a situation where you have to uninvite guests.

Venue or Budget

Perhaps you made the mistake of inviting too many people thinking some would say no, except now you are in the situation of too many guests for the venue capacity? Or has life thrown you a *financial curveball meaning you no longer can afford the original wedding and need to cut costs? It could be your income has been reduced due to a job loss? Or you had a large outlay unexpectedly? And lets face it reducing numbers is the quickest way to do this. 10 less guests saves on the food and drink but also means 1 less table and all the décor that entails. This could be saving you anywhere between £50-250pp depending on the venue and decor chosen.


*Lets make something clear though. Uninviting a guest because you over splurged on a band or chose a venue out of your budget is in poor taste.


Friendships Sour

Or maybe you find yourself in a situation when friendships fall apart and honestly you no longer want that person at your wedding. In the first two scenarios friends and family will completely understand and emphasise your reasons for uninviting. In the third scenario, it’s a bit more tricky as lets be honest uninviting someone is going to be rude. It is going to hurt someone’s feelings. And it is going to feel icky. Even if that person has been rude to you in the past which is why you are uninviting them! You will need to realise that uninviting them could mean the relationship is unsalvageable. So ask yourself if this is something you are prepared to live with?


So how should you uninvite a wedding guest?

If possible, uninvite a wedding guest by picking up the phone, meeting them or leave them a voice-note. This is more personal than sending an email to them. And certainly do not send a blanket email to more than one guest. Be polite and recognise the fact that feelings are going to be hurt and the guest may feel miffed whey they are no longer welcome at your wedding. Be prepared for tension and strained relationships going forward. Be honest with your reasons for uninviting them.

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