I loved it when

Most wedding planners choose this career because they love people and especially people in love, they also get a thrill from investigating something elusive or unique for clients. So here at the UKAWP we thought we would chat to our members and ask them a range of questions in a new series called I loved it when

Just Bespoke

Lisa Baker of

What’s the most unusual/elusive thing you’ve had to source this year?

As a wedding planner it is not unusual to get some weird and wonderful requests and so sourcing things which are slightly out of the ordinary become a regular part of the job.  However, I have some American clients who are getting married in London in December and they recently asked me to help them with a very unique request.  The Groom, his Best Man and Ushers would all like to apply for a Lordship while they are in the UK – effectively making them English Lords.  After a fair amount of discussion and much research, we now have all of the information we need and it looks like there may well be seven new Lords in England before the end of the year!


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