I loved it when…

Earlier in the year we began our ‘I loved it when..’ series, in which we ask our member wedding planners to recount either something they found wonderful at one of their weddings, or the thing they have seen most in year. Today we welcome Kelly Chandlers input.


What’s been the most beautiful / ‘wow’ wedding thing you’ve seen this year at a wedding?

I really loved the lighting which Wise Productions installed at one of my weddings over at Stoke Place. The gorgeous leaf pattern in a rich amber & orange wash, just became stronger and bolder and was simply magical when it was dark. Teamed with the hanging voluminous gypsophilia balls, teardrop globes and twisted manzanita branches designed by Euphoric Flowers, it took my breath away, as it did for my couple.  It was quite a logistical project to get the install details right  but it was totally unique and worth it.

Kelly Chandler Wedding


What’s been the most romantic/loving gesture you’ve seen at a wedding this year?

Well a lot of my couples aren’t really romantic gesture people but for one particular party-loving couple, it would have been the groom carrying the bride up to their bedroom, helping her unpin her hair, laying out her dress (beautifully apparently), tucking her into bed and then returning to the party!

Photo Credits: Wedding – Helen Cathcart, Kelly Chandler – Pippa Mackenzie Photography

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