Increasing Your Knowledge

As wedding planners I am quite sure you research for trends in suppliers and designs, you probably buy various wedding books and magazines but how many of you put the same effort into your business knowledge? Least we forget we are all running a business, it just happens to be in the wedding industry. In theory if you learn to run one business well you can manage any business. Just think of Richard Branson, planes, trains and music are not exactly similar industries?

I put aside 3 hours per week, normally the evenings and weekends to read a variety of business related books because this is the area I want to improve in. For me I want to improve and expand Dream Occasions and the UKAWP, I need to therefore learn about all the different aspects of running a business. In a large corporation you have directors in charge of sales, marketing, HR, finance but when working for yourself you have to learn to be competent in all these areas as well as planning your clients weddings.

All true successful entrepreneurs thrive on knowledge, they always want to know everything to do with their businesses thus ensuring they know more then the next person. So how can you do the same and what should you read? Everyone is different so what works for one person will not for the next. I have listed books I have read so far and in due course I will write a review on them, most can be bought via Amazon.

–    The One Minute Manager, by Kenneth H. Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
–    The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey, by Kenneth H. Blanchard, William Oncken JR and Hal Burrows
–    Leadership and the One Minute Manager, by Kenneth H. Blanchard, Patricia Zigarmi, and Drea Zigarmi
–    Instant Leads: Create a Steady Stream of Customers and Keep Your Business Growing (Instant Success Series) by Bradley J Sugars and Brad Sugars
–    Instant Advertising: How to Write and Design Great Ads That Get Immediate Results (Instant Success Series) by Bradley J Sugars and Brad Sugars

Remember me mention that not all books will be your ‘thing’? Well one I tried to read but just didn’t bond with was:
–    E-myth Revisited , by Michael E. Gerber

However, I do know of lots of people that loved this book so do give it a try. Alternatively if reading is not for you why not download audio clips for your ipod? If you are not so keen to read up on business books why not increase your knowledge in other areas? For example:

Learning a new language – opens up the possibility of organising weddings abroad

Interior design – allows you to become more creative with an understanding of fabric styles, colours or how to make your own design items

SEO or website design – gives you the chance to fully understand how websites work and why SEO is so important

Floral Design – why not attend a workshop run by one of the many florists across the UK so you understand how a bouquet or buttonhole is made. Ideal for making emergency ones on the wedding day.

So if you make just one change this year make it ‘increasing your knowledge’

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