Looking Back on your Successes

An interesting request came my way last week. A very good school friend of mine is setting up a business in the wedding industry and wanted to pick my brains on both. Arranging a session last Friday, I was unsure what exactly she was going to fire my way but I’m pleased to report that I was called a ‘font of all knowledge’ as I advised her on the basics of being self employed, registering her company, working out her figures, marketing, customer service and endless other topics. Please understand that my head is not getting so large that I can’t get out the door; I realise that I know what I know now but there is still lots to learn but what it did make me think was how far I’ve come. As a wedding planner and business owner of six  years, you build up such a lot of knowledge, experience and know-how and often we don’t even credit ourselves.

Particularly in these harsh times, it’s really important to look back on our successes and not just deal with our present woes or future concerns. Dig out that first business plan, your old website, marketing materials, think back to your early weddings and what you’re up to now. It’s most likely to be a positive step forward and for that we should be happy and grateful.

And if you’re a new planner, don’t fear, because the fun is in the journey and long may all our journeys continue!

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