Marquee Weddings

Learn How To Plan A Marquee Wedding Reception

Organising a marquee can seem daunting at first as there is so much involved. I know of many planners who have turned bookings down because they are too nervous about the responsibility of marquee receptions.

Bernadette Chapman - UKAWP

Get Confident And Knowledgeable

“My aim is to give you the confidence to organise a marquee for clients, having an understanding of common dilemmas you may encounter. I have been organising marquee events since I became a planner in 2002. I know the difficulties you can face and want to empower you to deal with them with confidence. I truly adore marquees and want to pass some of that passion and love onto you.”

UKAWP Director Bernadette Chapman, owner of Dream Occasions and Marquee judge for TWIA.

Reality Of A Home Wedding

At first glance having a ‘home wedding’ in the parents’ garden can seem like a good idea, less stressful and cheaper. The reality however is very different. It can be very stressful for all parties involved especially as so much could go wrong and YOU are the expert, you are there to solve any problems that occur. There is no venue manager to fall back on.

Please note: Throughout the course when using the term marquee we in fact mean all styles of temporary structures (tipis, yurts, tents etc.)

You Will Learn

How to find sites if your client doesn’t have one
Different types of structure available incl. permanent marquees
How to conduct a site visit with a marquee company
Layout options showing actual CAD examples
Electricity / Generator requirements
Caring for the needs of the caterer
External suppliers necessary for a successful event
Ensuring your budget is realistic, we will go over actual examples so you can see where the money goes
Weather contingency
Acknowledging stress families encounter from organising a reception at home
Lighting options within a marquee
The highs and lows of marquees, common problems you might encounter
Advice on appropriate size for your numbers
Handy checklist of what you need to organise

What Do I Get

You will receive instant access to a this training by registering on our online training website.


Included within the course is:


1) PDF booklet of course notes

2) Real quotations from past events

3) Real CAD drawings for marquees and Tipis

4) Audio training over a presentation

5) Marquee checklist

6) Expert Interviews


UKAWP Member £192 + VAT

UKAWP Non Member £230 + VAT

121 Upgrade £350 + VAT

(includes a 45 minute call with me)


Image credits: Max Burnett